Fujian Huaan: New Ceramic Industry Base

13 Aug 2015/CTW


“Coal to Gas” policy is forced to implement in part of Fujian producing area, however, the shortage of gas supply limits the development of ceramic enterprises. 5 ceramic factories (i.e. Ruicheng Ceramics, Jianhua Ceramics, Xindezhou Ceramics, Minyuan Ceramics and Jiahuang Ceramics) in Jinjiang, Fujian Province, move to Dazhou Industrial Park in Huaan, 3 out of which have started production.

Having been invested 1.5 billion RMB, Dazhou Industrial Park covers a total area of 2,000 mu (1.33 km²). Small factories covers an area of 300 mu (0.2 km²) while large manufacturers more than 500 mu(0.33 km²), mainly producing high-grade floor tiles , antique wall tiles, glazed tiles and so on. The first phase investment of Ruicheng Ceramics reaches 150 million RMB.

The construction of Dazhou ceramic production base in the park, brings revenue and provides more jobs, driving the development of raw material industries, logistics and service industry. A director from Ruicheng Ceramics says, “There are 20 production lines in total that have been in operation now. Every single line provides 200 jobs or so, thus, 20 lines can provide 4,000 job opportunities.”

Among the 5 ceramic companies mentioned above, the first production line of Ruicheng Ceramics and Jianhua Ceramics have already been working; the first line of Xindezhou Ceramics and the second one of Ruicheng Ceramics are about to work. Minyuan Ceramics has finished the steel frame construction of 30,000 ㎡ factory and it’s expected to be completed by the end of next year. Jiahuang Ceramics is busy with installing the equipment.

As the production is still in the adjustment period, ceramic companies in Dazhou Industrial Park are expected to settle into routine production in September this year.

It is told that, Shajian Sub-district in Huaan, Fujian Province, has fewer residents and vehicles, where the transportation is very convenient. The ceramic enterprises in Jinjiang moving to Huaan are able to upgrade industrial technology, and then, Huaan becomes a new base for ceramic industry.

Editor Li Xiaojuan, Deng Shiya

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