The Daily Production Capacity of Antique Tile Has Increased By 150,000㎡

03 Dec 2021/CTW

The profit of glazed tile decreased
The production capacity of antique tile increased by 150,000㎡

In recent years, the Chinese market is full of ordinary glazed tiles, with serious product homogenization and prices falling. The profit of some terminal distributors are only maintained at 7-8%, and the profits of manufactures are gradually bottoming out.


However, antique tile can maintain a certain profit margin due to the composite process and the small market demand, which is almost ten times that of glaze tile. Therefore, more and more companies are putting more effort into antique tile. The daily production capacity of antique tile in Zibo and Jiangxi production areas has increased by 150,000 square meters this year..


Meanwhile,the production capacity of antique tile in Jiangxi production area has also expanded frequently this year. It is reported that in 2021, Jiangxi will add a new antique tile production line and reconstruct 5 lines, with a daily output of more than 100,000 square meters.

More "micro cement" products will be put into the market in 2022


Due to the low profit of some glaze products, the antique tile market is optimistic, and the terminal has deepened the understanding of Wabi-Sabi,  the products with brightness and texture between bright and matte are very popular, such as microcement, roman original stone and other products.



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