More Than 200 Ceramic Enterprises Stopped Production Due To Heavy Pollution

24 Nov 2021/CTW

Recently, Sichuan and other production regions issued warnings of heavy pollution of weather, and dozens of ceramic enterprises were required to suspend or limit production.

More than 200 ceramic enterprises were required to stop or limit production

Due to heavy pollutiong       


In addition,  Tangshan City, Hebei Porvince, as a major production region of sanitary ware,  has also adopted stricter control measures. 6 ceramic enterprises with high performance in the industry are required to reduce emissions independently, and the remaining 162 ceramic companies are required to stop or limit production.

More ceramic enterprises may start Chinese new year holiday

Ahead of scheduleg

The person in charge of one of the affected ceramic enterprises said that the production and delivery of the factory were hindered by the supspension, and the supply of some engineering orders would be affected to a certain extent. However, as most ceramic enterprises had related experiences in previous years, they have made preparations for stocking. In addition, the suspension of production is just temporary and will not last for a long time, so it has little impact on ceramic enterprises.


However,  experts from the industry believe that under the  goal of "emission peak and carbon neutrality", the intensity of governance and regulation in this autumn and winter will be further strengthened, and more ceramic enterprises may stop production ahead of schedule for Chinese new year holidays.


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