12+ Newly Built Production Lines Put into Production on March

29 Mar 2021/CTW

Wonderful Group

On March 18, Wonderful Group launched a production line in Rongchang, Chongqing production base, which is equipped with a wide-body kiln for mass production of high-end full polished glazed tiles, and the daily production capacity is designed up to 45,000 m².

Huifeng Ceramics

On March 18, the production line of phase Ⅱ project of Huifeng Ceramics was put into production, which is equipped with a wide-body roller kiln with length of 405.3m. The production line mainly produces 750×1500, 800×1600 (mm) and other large size products. 

Monalisa Tiles

On March 16, the opening ceremony of Gao'an Monalisa Tiles New Material Co., Ltd. , was held. This is the fourth production base of Monalisa Tiles, which covers an area of nearly 1,000 acres and has 9 production lines.

Hongbang Technology

On Mar 16, the 4th generation cellular ceramic complete line researched and constructed by KEDA -- was put into production in Shandong Wulian Hongbang Resource Recycling Co., Ltd. The wide roller kiln has a designed output of 355pcs for 2400×2400×100mm (finished slab) per day, namely 200m³/day.

Jiangxi Jingcheng Ceramics

On March 16, Jiangxi Jingcheng Ceramics launched the production line for producing glazed porcelain tiles with a daily production capacity of 35,000 sqm. The production line adopts advanced technology, which can greatly reduce the damage to the product during processing .

Shuncheng Ceramics

On March 15, Shuncheng Ceramics launched its fifth sintered slab production line. From 2016 to 2020, Shuncheng Ceramics totally built 4 sintered slab production lines. And it plans to launch the sixth sintered slab production line in the second half of this year.

Ningxia Kehao Ceramics 

On March 11, Ningxia Kehao Ceramics launched its production line in the Northwest China, which produces products with sizes of 800×800 (mm) and 900×1800 (mm), and fully polished glazed tiles with sizes of 800×800(mm), 600×1200(mm), 750×1500(mm), and 900×1800(mm). It is the most advanced slab production line in the Northwest China.

Zhongsheng Ceramics

On March 10, Zhongsheng Ceramics launched two production lines equipped with wide-body kilns in Xinxing, Yunfu production base, mainly producing products with the size of 750×1500(mm). 

Kangerju Ceramics

On March 6, Jiangxi Kangerju Ceramics launched a new production line for producing glazed porcelain tiles. With a daily capacity of 30,000 sqm, the production line is implanted the intelligent management and control system for real-time tracking of the equipment operation.

Xinruncheng Ceramics

On March 3, the big slab production line of Xinruncheng Ceramics was put into production. The production line adopts equipment such as ultra-long glazing lines, 12-bar high-definition printers, automatic packing lines, etc., mainly producing products with sizes of 750×1500(mm) and 900×1800(mm).

Tomely Ceramics

On March 2, Tomely Ceramics launched the intelligent production line. It is equipped with two glazing lines and each of them reaches 240 meters. According to the enterprise, it plans to build 4 to 6 new production lines in the next 3 years.

Geshiqi Ceramics

On March 2, Geshiqi Ceramics launched a new production line in its intelligent production base, which mainly produces products with the size of 600×1200 (mm). According to information, the enterprise invested 500 million yuan to the new intelligent plant covering an area of 350 acres, and plans to build 4 intelligent production lines for the production of ceramic slabs. 


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