30 New Sintered Slab Production Lines have been Built in Q1 2021

24 Mar 2021/CTW

On March 4, Dongpeng Ceramics launched a new sintered slab production line in Qingyuan production base, which equips with a double-layer kiln. According to incomplete statistics, 15 sintered slab production lines put into production or started construction during January and February. 


On February, Xinruncheng Ceramics, Kito Ceramics, Daugres Ceramiche, etc. revamped their production lines for the production of sintered slabs.


What’s more, there are 9 new sintered slab production lines which have been built in Spain, India, Brazil, Turkey, Iran and Ukraine. Among them, one of Indian enterprises named SUNSHINE started its new production line for producing big slabs with sizes of 1200×2400mm, 1200×1200mm, 800×2400mm and 1200×2600mm, etc., and thicknesses of 9-15mm. And Grupo Halcón, a Spanish manufacturer, announced that it will build two big slab production lines with an annual production capacity of 8 million sqm.


Meanwhile, the daily production capacity of sintered slab is also increasing. Recently, Keda developed a sintered slab production line, which can produce slabs with daily capacity up to 20,000㎡ and size up to 1200×2800 (mm), and it will put into production in March. In 2020, only a few production lines were able to achieve a daily capacity of 14000 ㎡, and the daily capacity of most of slab production lines was about 5000-8000 ㎡.


In 2021, with the continuous increase of production capacity of sintered slabs, how can we futher develop the market of sintered slab? Chinese enterprises have made efforts to differentiate their products. And the following types of slabs are worth noting.  


First, 3 mm ultra-thin sintered slab. On August 22, 2020, Newpearl Group launched 3 mm ultra-thin sintered slab with a weight as light as 7kg/㎡ and the product can be bent with a range of 15-20°.


Second, the full-body sintered slab. In March 2020, Nabel Cramics released the 5.0 full-body series products. The product realized full-body in 3 perspectives, namely in material, color, and texture.


Third, sintered slab with reliefs and details. On December 18, 2020, Shunhui Ceramics and Torrecid announced to develop digital mould technology, which not only realized the digital surface with reliefs and details on sintered slab, but also the technology has realized mass-production in production line.



Finally, curved sintered slabs. At Guangzhou Design Week 2020, Marcopolo Ceramics presented the curved sintered slabs which can be bent up to 125°, and applied as domes, cylinders, spiral staircases in villas, etc.


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