Jiangxi ceramic production and sales have been booming in 2020

29 Dec 2020/CTW

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On December 16, a major project signing ceremony was held in Gaoan City, Jiangxi province, in which Sun Enterprise Group plans to invest 2 billion to build 6 large/sintered slab production lines in 3 to 5 years. Wonderful Group, Dongpeng Ceramics and Nabel Ceramics are also expanding their production in Jiangxi. The second sintered slab production line of Wonderful Group was put into production earlier, Dongpeng Ceramics plans to build 4 new production lines, and Nabel Ceramics will invest 2 billion to build 5 new production lines.


In addition, other ceramic enterprises in Jiangxi production region are also expanding production. A total of 46 ceramic projects were approved in the third quarter, of which Ruiyang Ceramics plans to invest 2.3 billion yuan to build 10 new production lines, while Huashuo Creamics will invest 800 million yuan to build 4 production lines.

The ceramic production and sales of Jiangxi production region have been booming in 2020. The average production and sales rate has exceeded 130% in April, and some companies reported a monthly revenue of more than 200 million yuan. According to an official list released by Gaoan Government, at present, there are 13 ceramic enterprises with a revenue of over 500 million yuan in Jiangxi production region. Among them, Huashuo Ceramics reached a revenue of 4.051 billion yuan, Hemei Ceramics reached 3.607 billion yuan, and the revenue of Sun Enterprise Group reached 2.117 billion yuan.

Leading ceramic enterprises expand production capacity in Jiangxi production region

The phase II project of Nabel Ceramics in Jiujiang, with a total investment of 2.08 billion yuan, will be completed in March 2022, which will build 5 new ceramic production lines with an annual production capacity of 35 million sqm, local media reported on Dec. 7.


On June 28, a new sintered slab production line of Wonderful Group in Jiangxi Fengcheng base was put into production. And on November 11, another sintered slab production line of Wonderful Group was launched.

In addition, Dongpeng Ceramics is also expanding the production capacity in its production base in Fengcheng, Jiangxi. On April 6, Dongpeng’s wall tile production line was put into operation, with a daily production capacity of 38,000 sqm. On September 28, Dongpeng Ceramics announced to invest 60 million yuan to build 4 ceramic production lines in Fengcheng with an annual capacity of 21.9 million sqm.

What’s more, some local ceramic enterprises in Jiangxi production region are also expanding production. On July 9, Ruiyang Ceramics announced to invest 2.3 billion yuan to build 10 intelligent ceramic production lines, while Huashuo Ceramics plans to invest 800 million yuan to build 4 intelligent ceramic production lines.


The revenue of Jiangxi ceramic enterprises is increasing

This year, far from being affected by the pandemic, enterprises in Jiangxi production region have increased production capacity and revenue. Recently, a total of 13 Jiangxi ceramic enterprises entered The List of Top 100 Private Enterprises in Yichun in 2020. Among them, Huashuo Ceramics reached an annual revenue of 4.051 billion yuan, Hemei Ceramics reached 3.607 billion yuan, and Sun Ceramics reached 2.117 billion yuan. 




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