40+ Ceramic Brands Showed Excellent Design Strength in GZDW

18 Dec 2020/CTW

With theme of "HAPPY PLAY", Guangzhou Design Week(GZDW) 2020 was held from December 3 to 6. With the booth area of 150, 000 square meters, the fair attracted 1000+ exhibitors and 400+ thousand professionals including investors, owners, designers, project dealers and distributors. There are total 6 exhibition areas in GZDW, namely, Beautiful Life Design exhibition area, Soft Decoration exhibition area, Exquisite Furniture/Lighting exhibition area, High-endCustom exhibition area, Smart House Decoration exhibition area, and Building Decorative Material exhibition area.


More than 40 ceramic enterprises participated in the exhibition and almost all ceramic exhibitors showed sintered slab in their booths, which is the hottest product in the industry this year.

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Marcopolo Slab

With theme of “What’s FUTURE DESIGN?”, Marcopolo used processes such as chamfering and splicing to present a variety of applications of sintered slabs such as in kitchen, bathroom, furniture, etc. The company exhibited curved sintered slabs that can be bent a radian up to 120° and applied to various spaces such as cylinder and dome.



Graphene smart heating tiles can increase the indoor temperature (5-10 degrees) to about 23 degrees in 45 minutes, and the temperature can be controlled through smart phone APP. The product has been applied in many projects in Beijing, most of which are hotel projects.


Nabel Slab

2020 is the third year for Nabel to participate in GZDW. Based on the research and experiment of "paper", the traditional material, Nabel displayed sintered slabs with a series of paper decorations, to create an atmosphere in accordance with the theme of “EXTRA ● ORDINARY HOUSE”.

The study of Chinese traditional colors and textures has greatly  inspired  the design of brands under Nabel Group. "We hope to develop high-end products rich in traditional Chinese genes through continuous promotion of basic research on traditional Chinese materials. " said Nabel.



Guanzhu Ceramics

Guanzhu designed its booth with theme of "HAPPY HOUSE". By interviewing 3000+ homeowners and consulting 1000+ designers, Guanzhu explored consumer demands and design trends. With new and health materials, the company created a colourful "HAPPY HOUSE", providing consumers with interactive experience

At the exhibition, Guanzhu displayed a series of new products including graphene smart heating tiles, 4.5mm thickness lightweight slabs, etc.




Eagle Ceramics

Eagle Ceramics highlighted its new products “Whale MAX” sintered slabs series ,which has 7 specifications,including 600×1200(mm), 900×1800(mm), 1200×2400(mm) , 1600×3200(mm), 800×2600(mm), etc. Besides, the “Blossom Age” series also displayed on the exhibition, which seems to tell a story with a long history.




Eagle 2086 Ceramics

Eagle 2086 Ceramics is the only ceramic brand who has two booths in the Design Week.

Eagle 2086 set up the Ink Golden Tile Museum in the exhibition, and its design is inspired by the Palace Museum. The booth was designed with red and gray as the main colors and applied Chinese elements to present the history of the Ink Golden brick.  




In addition to the series of Ink Golden Tile and Blue and White, the company  also displayed the Unbounded Realm series with specification1200×2400 (mm)800×2600 (mm), 900×1800 (mm), and 750×1500(mm) .

Kito Ceramics

The booth of Kito Ceramics was designed with the Chinese style of regions south of the Yangtze River, which takes red as the main color.

Ceramic tiles , new materials (foamed ceramics) , and sintered slabs are the main products displayed on Kito’s booth.




Monalisa Tiles

With the theme of "12 Shichen of Home” (Shichen refers to one of the 12 two-hour periods into which the day was traditionally divided, each being given the name of one of the 12 Earthly Branches), Monalisa’s booth was designed to explore the relationship between nature and living environment. And its new product Galaxy Star series was displayed on the show, which integrates and recreates the mysterious space of the universe.




Inoi Ceramics

The booth of Inoi Ceramics adopted three-dimensional immersive design, combining  the elements of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch etc., to create a “sensory feast” for the visitors. The company displayed dozens of new sintered slab products, including: "One Piece to the Top" series, etc.




Dongpeng ART+

Dongpeng ART+ designed its booth with coloured glass, integrating young and fashionable life attitude with ART and culture, and creating a space for fun and ART.

In addition, Dongpeng ART+ created a selfie spot Van Gogh and held DIY ART graffiti activity, bringing more interactive experiences to designers and artists.



Summit Ceramics

Summit Ceramics created an "Infinity Lab" to showcase new applications of new materials. For example, 3.5mm sintered slab with features of large size, light weight, thin thickness, good toughness shows the possibility of applying curved sintered slabs in construction. The company also displayed sintered slabs applied in bathroom prefabricated spaces.




The theme of LAMINAM's exhibition is "2020 Re-Enactment", an artistic expression of what we have experienced and thought during the pandemic.

The exhibition space design adopted a triangle to build an entrance, a circle to build a semi-open field, and a square to build a black mysterious room. These spaces were connected by a series of art installations to form a continuous route for viewing the exhibition.



Bode Ceramics

Bode showed its BERI series and ecological sintered slabs. According to the company, Bode spent 13 years and invested hundreds of millions yuan in the research and development of the product. Different from ceramic tiles, sintered slabs, natural stones, and artificial stones, the firing temperature of the BERI series product is about 1300℃, and the firing time takes 4-6 hours, which results in  better  properties such as fire resistance, abrasion resistance, and hardness compared with other materials.



Marshal Ceramics

Marshal Slab exhibited the sintered slabs with the theme of “New Species • New Possibilities". As a new material, sintered slab can be related to different industries,different fields, and different people, it will be an important direction for the development of Marshal Slab Brand to reflect the development of diversification, multi-mode and multi-field.

The company exhibited a variety of new products produced by the new production line. The products adopt granule polishing technology, and have realistic stone texture, with graphic designs of white, gray, purple, green and so on.



Gani Marble Tiles

In 2020, Gani Marble Tiles launched 8 products in 5 colors, including various precious stone textures. In GZDW, Gani mainly displayed ceramic tile with size of 900mm×1800mm and technology of seamless joint paving.

Generally, the gap between tiles is from 1.5 to 2mm after installation, but it can be controlled within 0.5mm by Gani’s technology, which can realize the marble tile paving effect like natural stone.



Oceano Ceramics

 In 2020, Oceano are paying more and more attention to designer sales channels. In order to develop the designer channels, Oceano organized lots of activities in GZDW, including the "China TOP100 New Young Designers National Finals".



Xinzhongyuan Ceramics

With theme of "POWER BY BAMBOO", Xinzhongyuan showed a future vision through technology and light art, providing visitors an immersive experience.




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