30+ new sintered slab production lines started operation in China

10 Nov 2020/CTW

In 2020, sintered slab become the hottest product in China’s market. After the recession in 2018 and 2019, China’s ceramic industry are enjoying the prosperity again as a decade ago.

According to the latest data, so far, 99 sintered slab production lines have been built in China, and Guangdong ranks the first among China’s ceramic production regions with 65 sintered slab production lines. In the last two months, more than 30 sintered slab production lines were put into operation.

Newpearl Group

On August 28, the fourth sintered slab production line of Newpearl Group which is capable of producing 3 mm thickness sintered slab was successfully put into operation in its production base  in Zhaoqing, Guangdong. By far, Newpearl Group has 4 sintered slab production lines, which can produce sintered slabs with thickness of 3-30mm, and sizes of 1200×2400(mm), 1600×3200(mm) and so on.




Dongpeng Ceramics

On October 15, the launching ceremony of the double-layer sintered slab kiln of Dongpeng Ceramics was held in Qianyuan, Guangdong. The production line can produce sintered slabs with thickness of 5.5-15mm and with the ability of quickly converting specifications and textures to meet a variety of customized requirements.




Siniso Home

On October 25, Siniso Home’s No.5 and No.6 sintered slab production lines were successfully mass produced. The main specifications of the two production lines are 1200×2400(mm), 1200×2700(mm), 800×2600(mm) and 1600×3200(mm), with thickness of 6-18mm, and the maximum daily capacity can reach 14,000 m². The No.5 production line adopted HLT’s YP16890 press while the No.6 production line using the press of SACMI. 

Mount Emei Jintao

On October 20, the launching ceremony of Mount Emei Jintao’s 6th sintered slab production line was held. This new production line mainly produces 3 mm thickness sintered slabs with specifications of 1000×3000(mm), 1200×2800(mm), and 1200×3600(mm). The production line adopted press from System Ceramics which can produce slabs with thickness of 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm as well.


Milano Ceramics

On October 30, the launching ceremony of Milano’s sintered slab production lines was held in Jiajiang County, Sichuan Province. Milano planned to build four high-end ceramic production lines this year and the first production line for thick tiles was put into operation in September.


Sanfi Ceramics

On October 25, HLT Machinary’s sintered slab press was put into use in Xiqiao production base of New Jincheng Ceramic Group. According to HLT ,the average daily capacity of YP16890 press is more than 10,000 sqm, and can produce sintered slabs with specifications of 600×1200(mm), 800×800(mm), 800×1600(mm), 1000×1000(mm), 1200×1200(mm), 900×1800 (mm), 1000×2000 (mm), 1500×1500 (mm), 1200×2400 (mm), 1200×2700 (mm), etc., and thickness of 3-30mm.



Inoi Ceramics

On October 17, the launching ceremony of Inoi Ceramics’ second sintered slab production line  was held. Inoi Ceramics’ first sintered slab production line was put into operation on August 13, and the daily capacity of these two production lines can reach 14,000 sqm and a production size of 1600×3900(mm).



Jinsanjiao Ceramics

On October 2,  Jinsanjiao Ceramics held the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction project of sintered slab intelligent production line. The newly built 6th production line is expected to be put into operation in March, 2021. With a total investment of 580 million yuan (about 87.3 million USD), Jinsanjiao Ceramics in Jiangxi covers an area of 500 acres. The enterprise’s annual production is worth about 1.18 billion yuan (about 0.18 billion USD).



Marshal Ceramics

On September 3, Marshal Ceramics’ No.2 sintered slab intelligent production line have gone into mass production successfully. The production line adopted  intelligent, automatic, green high-tech production equipment and advanced technology such as Continua+ press from SACMI, double-layer kiln from Modena Technology, digital printer from System Ceramics, polishing technology from Keda, as well as the intelligent digital loading system,etc.



Shuncheng Ceramics

On September 3, Shuncheng Ceramics’ 3mm ultra-thin sintered slabs were mass-produced on the production line. With a daily capacity of 21,460 sqm, the production line can produce sintered slabs with thickness of 3-30mm and the minimum size of 300×300(mm). Its waste material rate are less than 3% and the waste material can all be recycled.  



Zhongsheng Ceramics

On September 9, the healthy sintered slab production line of Zhongsheng Ceramics was put into operation in Zhaoqing, Guangdong production base, which produce sintered slabs with size of 800×2000×6 (mm). The production line can also produce sintered slabs with sizes of 1200×2400 (mm) and 1600×3000 (mm) with a designed daily capacity of 8,000-10,000 sqm. The production line adopted Keda’s KD25008 press, which is Keda’s latest press that was successfully applied in ceramic enterprises for the first time. The maximum pressing specification of this machine is up to 1600×3000(mm).


Goldmedal Ceramics

On August 26, Goldmedal Ceramics held the "2020 Chinese Building Sintered Slab Application Research Center Opening Ceremony and Thin Slab Release Conference" in San Shui production base in Foshan. During the conference, Goldmedal introduced 2.5mm and 3mm thickness sintered slabs which can be bend to 30 degrees, and offcially initiated the thin slab design competition.  




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