750×1500(mm) Becomes the Hit Specification in China Market

14 Sep 2020/CTW

In 2020, the sales of ceramic tiles of 750×1500 (mm) specification have been increasing rapidly in the Chinese market.  750×1500 (mm) specification is gaining more and more popularity in sales channels of home decoration, design companies and projects. What’s more, its sales is also expected to increase in village and town markets in the future. 

Ceramic tiles of 750×1500 (mm) specification have been promoted as star products by leading players such as Marcopolo Ceramics, Winto Ceramics, Huapeng Ceramics, etc. in 2020. Quite a few ceramic players said that compared with 2019, the sales of the 750×1500 (mm) saw an significant increase in 2020. Since its launching in 2017, the 750×1500 (mm) specification products have gradually been recognized by consumers.    


750×1500(mm) gained popularity in home decoration and public projects

According to Wang Jun, the sales general manager of Lion King Ceramics, the sales of the 750×1500 (mm) specification products are increasing steadily this year. "750×1500(mm) accounts for 20% of our total sales of floor tiles, "he said.

According to his market survey in Shandong and surrounding markets, the 750×1500 (mm) specification products sell well in lots of terminal markets, and are mainly applied to the floor of living rooms and the wall of kitchens and bathrooms. “More and more consumers prefer the 750×1500 (mm) specification products and most of design companies have also stepped up efforts to promote this kind of products” he said.

Besides home decoration, the 750×1500 (mm) is also expanding its share in the public decoration market. According to Green Ceramics, 750×1500 (mm) specification has been the designated product in some of its construction projects this year.


750×1500(mm) is not a new specification launched in the market. In 2017, Shandong Tongyi Ceramics launched ceramic tiles of 750×1500 (mm) specification on the market. Nowadays, 750×1500 (mm) specification is adopted in several public places in Shandong, such as administrative service centers.

According to a person in charge of a certain brand,  750×1500 (mm) specification started to be promoted in 2018, and the sales of it increased by more than 30% year-on-year in 2019. “Two pieces of 750×1500 (mm) ceramic tiles are vertically installed on the wall, which well fits the height of ordinary houses."



750×1500(mm): a “gold specification”

According to ceramic players, 750×1500(mm) becomes the hit specification in China market for the following reasons.

First of all, the price is profitable. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the price of a single piece of 750×1500(mm) of a first-tier brand is above 600 yuan, and home decoration consumers in these economically developed areas have high demand for brand and quality. Some second-tier brands with specification of 750×1500(mm) can keep the price of a single piece at more than 300 yuan, while the price of most obscure brands at the terminal market can be maintained at about 100 yuan per piece.     


Second, the transportation and installing cost is relatively low. Compared with the specification of 900×1800 (mm), 750×1500 (mm) is easier to be placed in the elevator while going upstairs, without a need of hiring movers. And thanks to its lighter weight, it is more convenient to install.    

Third, compared with other specifications, 750×1500 (mm) is more moderate. In comparison, ceramic tile of bigger specifications such as 800×1600(mm) and 900×1800(mm) are not in high demand in the market. Therefore, numbers of brands focus on promoting 750×1500(mm), which brings a larger sales volume.


Production technologies such as soft polish and glazed semi-polish add brilliance to 750×1500(mm)

In 2020, production technologies such as soft polishing and glazed semi-polishing have been applied to the ceramic tiles of 750×1500(mm).

Some leading ceramic brands have adopted these processes. For example, during the 2020 Uniceramics Expo, Kito Ceramics’ sugar glazed products attracted much attention. 


In addition,lots of companies also launched soft polished and glazed semi-polished tiles of 750×1500 (mm) specifications at Zibo International Ceramics Exposition this year.

In the past, the glazed semi-polished products were promoted slowly in the industry because of the high cost of the glaze and the problem of stain resistance of the products. As more and more manufacturers start to explore such technology, these problems have been solved by the improvement of raw materials and finish processes.

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