System Ceramics' New Pressing System Built in New Pearl

14 Sep 2020/CTW

An important supply involving pressing technology has been signed between New Pearl, the largest tile producer in China, and System Ceramics, thanks to its branch, System China.

New Pearl has chosen the advanced Superfast pressing system developed by System Ceramics for the production of slabs, which is the first moldless press in the world, unique for flexibility and high productivity and for the efficient software management system that makes it possible to establish and modify the slab’s format and thickness parameters in a simple and rapid manner, without any mechanical intervention. The Chinese group, New Pearl, a leader in the production of tiles with innovative factories in Guangdong, has identified System Ceramics as an ideal partner for continuing its technological development program in the context of sintered stones that began with the Lamgea system in 2017.


In more detail, the new system dedicated to the production of sintered stones will involve two Superfast presses: Superfast 19000 and Superfast 25000. Already in operation, Superfast 19000 has been installed in remote mode, thanks to the innovative technologies developed by System Ceramics in the context of remote working and smart assistance.

The second press, Superfast 25000 (1200x3600mm), will soon also be installed at New Pearl in remote mode, confirming the success of the previous installation operation. It’s an undertaking that requires synergy between the customer, the Italian headquarters and the branch, System China, whose punctual and attentive service in the Chinese territory is an added value.

Despite the fact that the international market is going through a delicate period, New Pearl’s choice confirms System Ceramic’s role as a leader in industrial automation for the ceramics sector. Its processes are chosen by the most important producers at international level, knowing that they can count on the best systems solutions for the ceramics industry.



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