10+ New Production Lines Start Operation in Jul & Aug in China

17 Aug 2020/CTW

In the second half of 2020, sintered stone remains popular in China. According to the latest data, by far, 72 sintered stone production lines have been built in China, 41 of which have put into operation. The ceramic players predict that the number of sintered stone production lines will increase up to 300 within 3 years.

On August 13, Inoi Ceramics, Xiangda Ceramics and Grifine Ceramics held launching ceremonies for their sintered stone production lines respectively. And earlier this month, numbers of production lines of several other enterprises were also put into production.

Inoi Ceramics

On August 13, the launching ceremony of Inoi Ceramics’ No. 1 intelligent sintered stone production line was successfully held. The production line consists of a series of equipment at home and abroad, such as press from SACMI, digital printer from System, kiln from Jumper, etc. It is designed to produce large sintered stones with specifications of 1600×3200mm, 1200×2800mm, 1200×2700mm, 1200×2400mm, 800×2600mm and so on.

Besides, its No. 2 intelligent production line will also put into production in mid-October. What’s more, Inoi plans to build two ultra-thin and a ultra-thick sintered stone production lines, which will respectively manufacture sintered stones with a thickness of 3mm and 20-30mm.   

Xiangda Ceramics

On August 13, the launching ceremony of Xiangda Ceramics’ intelligent production line for 3mm sintered stone was held in the production base in Enping, Guangdong. The production line adopts Sacmi Continua+ press and is able to produce slabs with the size up to 1600×3900mm and thickness ranging from 3mm to 20mm, which can be cut into any size as needed to meet the demands of custom decoration for the whole house. 

Grifine Ceramics

On August 13, the launching ceremony of Grifine Ceramics’ new sintered stone production line was held in Zhaoqing production base. Grifine has installed Sacmi Continua+ line and adopted the latest intelligent equipment, which is able to produce sintered slabs with the size up to 1650x3950mm.  

Nabel Ceramics & Litai

Recently, Nabel Ceramics signed an agreement with Litai to start a  new sintered stone project. Nabel is gonna build a new sintered stone production line and introduce a range of equipment of Litai, including natural gas kiln, self-circulation 7-layer dryer, HLT press and so on. The production line may produce slabs of 600×1200×10.5mm, 1200×2400mm, and 1200×270mm and thickness of 6mm-10mm. With a designed daily capacity of up to 20,000m², the production line can meet the need of customization by flexible production.

Monalisa Tiles

Monalisa Tiles is going to build a new high-performance sintered slab base. The planned annual output of the base is 15 million square meters of sintered slab products, which can basically meet all specification demands of sintered slab in the market. Factories in the base will adopt Modena’s all-new INFINITY series double-layer kiln and 7-layer dryer, with the Italian imported presses, online dynamic storage system and glaze line functional equipment. After completion, it will become the single production base with the largest production capacity and the richest specifications in the world. 

Quansheng Ceramics

On August 10, the launching ceremony of Quansheng Ceramics’ sintered stone production line was successfully held. It is the company’s second sintered stone production line, and the third will be put into operation later this month. With the ignition of the second production line and the third project about to start, Quansheng Ceramics will boast a more stable production capacity and be able to provide custom sintered stones of various sizes and different thicknesses.

NHL Ceramics

On August 6, the launching ceremony of NHL Ceramics’ fifth sintered stone production line was held. The production line adopts large-tonnage press from Keda , kiln from Jumper and imported printer from Spain. The production line can manufacture sintered stones of 700×1300mm,800×1400mm, 900×1800mm, 800 ×2000mm and other sizes.  


On August 5, the launching ceremony of Goldmedal’s third sintered stone production line was held. The intelligent production line produces sintered stones of 1200×2400×3/6/9/12mm, which can be cut into various sizes as needed. According to Goldmedal, the second production line has successfully produced 1200×2700×3mm ultra-thin sintered stones. In addition, Goldmedal launched antibacterial sintered stones recently, which can eliminate 99.77% of staphylococcus aureus and 98.39% escherichia coli on the stone surface. 


On August 5, the first batch of 900×1800mm sintered stones was successfully produced on Kito’s production line. And Kito’s another sintered stone production line which is designed to produces slabs of 1600mm×3200mm will put into operation at the end of this year. The production line adopts press from System and is also able to produce various sizes of sintered stones.  

Zhongsheng Ceramics

On August 4, the launching ceremony of Zhongsheng Ceramics’ sintered stone production line was held in Zhaoqing, Guangdong production base. The production line adopting the large tonnage sintered stone pressing system of Keda and Continua+ press of Sacmi, is Zhongsheng’s first full-automatic intelligent production line for sintered stones. And it is also the first production line in China to combine two pressing system, which can produce sintered slabs of 1600×3000mm and the size of 1500mm width and unlimited length.

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