A Full Digital Line Opening New Frontiers in Digital Printing

12 Aug 2020/CTW

The Italian ceramic machinery giant SITI B&T Group, also known as a manufacturer of complete ceramic systems, recently presented INNOVA, the revolutionary modular process developed by Projecta Engineering to create a FULL DIGITAL LINE, which is a modular line capable of creating various innovative finishes and opening new graphic frontiers in digital printing.


Innova Glaze 200 is the first solution of this digital printing process.  A combined technology for glaze (smaltobbio) and protection, with Seiko 360 dpi definition heads with a laydown of 75 g/m2 at 25 m/min, which guarantee a more uniform application offering greater versatility.

The digital application of the glaze (smaltobbio) through Innova Glaze 200 is 60g/m2 without any loss of material. This result significantly affects consumption, so much so that it has a 1:7 ratio compared to traditional application. There is also the possibility of a further reduction in emissions with the use of water-based technology, with low environmental impact.


Innova 200 is the second module in the Full Digital Line. This digital printer is dedicated to large sizes (1,600x3,200 mm, up to 20 mm thick) and can accommodate up to 5 modules, for a total of 20 colours and effects. 

The constant R&D that characterizes the Projecta Engineering philosophy has also made it possible to develop various technological upgrades: a new management software and optical alignment of the heads in the bar.

The latter new alignment system allows independent adjustment in positioning each individual head within the colour bars, thanks to a dedicated optical device, to obtain micrometric precision and achieve ever higher definition.


Innovafix 200 allows the application of adhesives for grit, innovative and complementary additives to complete and enhance the range of decorations that can be carried out.

This opens up new graphic frontiers, thanks also to the double glue application that allows the structure to be increased and new effects to be explored.

This technology has a glue consumption control and a new refill system (double PIAB) on reverse call, with a pressure gauge to control the pressure and the vacuum switch, capable of discharging over 900 gr/m2of grit. This allows a high amount of grit application to obtain the graphic effect called "mirror effect".

And not only: Innovafix 200 allows for less deformation and less breakage of the panel, thanks to the lower water content, and the reduction of the wear rate of the polishing discs.

Also in this case, the use of water-based glue translates into a significant reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and odours due to combustion, which completely disappear.


The FULL DIGITAL LINE embraces the concepts of smart factories: in fact it can be fully integrated into the bt-TUTOR supervision software, the solution developed by SITI B&T that allows monitoring, data collection and control of the entire system, interacting with production planning, preventive and predictive maintenance, as well as being equipped with a compatible cloud support for mobile devices and a user friendly operator interface.


Thanks to the aesthetic contribution of the Full Digital Line and thanks to the innovative Supera® technology, SITI B&T Group is able to offer a new generation of panels never before seen on the market.

Panels with through veins, structures, thicknesses up to 30 mm, glossy products and digital finishes are just some of the aesthetic excellences that can be made. The only limit is fantasy.

This is the 400th  issue. 



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