Italian New Tech for Big Slabs Will Debut in UNICERAMICS 2020

01 Jul 2020/CTW

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On June 30th, Siti B&T Group attended the 2020 UNICERAMICS EXPO Press Conference with Newpearl Ceramics, Hongyu Ceramics, Monalisa Tiles and other upstream and downstream enterprises, discussing topics about the new markets and new sales channels for ceramics in the second half of 2020.  CTW got the latest news that Siti B&T Group  would attend the UNICERAMICS EXPO 2020 with its products and the cutting-edge technologies that would stun the industry.


Photo: Mr. Thomas, General Manager of SITI B&T China introducing the new product in the press conference

Supera® Technology Brings New Generation of Slabs

In China, the demand for large-size ceramic slabs is about to be booming. SITI B&T has strong confidence in producing such ceramics and thus decided to participate in this year's UNICERAMICS exhibition with its innovative Supera® technology. With this technology, SITI B&T believes it can offer a new generation of slabs that have never been seen before on the market.


Full-Body Effects, High Productivity, Full Digital Decoration 

What make Supera® technology a cutting-edge technology in the big slabs world? First, the technology can realize full-body decoration, full-body vein, and reliefs on the slab surface, which give the products an innovative and genuine look. Second, with Supera® technology, the manufaturing plants can realize high productivity, producing 1000 pieces of slabs with 20mm thickness and 3600 mm length in 24 hours. As for the slabs with 6-8 mm thickness, at least 20,000 sqm/day can be realized with a 36,000 t. press.


What's more, SITI B&T has 3850 mm double channel kiln with two pieces per row, which is already operational in the Middle East and can be produced in SITI B&T's factory in Gaoming, Foshan, China. Also, SITI B&T will install new digital machines for the big slabs and give the slabs a full digital decoration.

All these features are already fully operational, in the brand new factory for big slabs by Best Surface (brand Idylium) in Spain at the current time.

The Slabs Produced by the New Tech Will Be Showed In Hall 10 

The slabs realized by SITI B&T's techology will be showcased at the UNICERAMICS exhibition hall, including slabs with full-body vein, 3D structures, high thickness, glossy finishes as well as digital finishes. They are just some of the aestethic delights presented for the Chinese rendez-vous. The new "ecologi" quartz slabs by SITI B&T's patented technology will also be presented during the exhibition.

Amongst the products showcased at the booth (1020A – Hall 10), it can also be found the exclusive Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces Collection, which was  born from the technological commitment of SITI B&T Group in strict collaboration with Best Surface.

SITI B&T: We Offers Solutions of Excellence and Innovation

SITI B&T Group, listed on the AIM Italia market since March 2016, is a supplier of technology and complete plants serving the world's ceramics, tiles and sanitary ware industry. It has a capillary presence in all markets and the industry's most complete range of technologies.

The Group operates through the following operating units: “Tile” (complete plants for tiles), Projecta Engineering (digital printers), Digital Design (design and graphic projects), Ancora (lines for the surface finishing of ceramic products) and “b&t White” (complete systems for sanitary ware). In 2018, SITI BT Group recorded sales volumes of 203 million euros, with export accounting for 88% and investments in R&D for 7 million euros.

SITI B&T offers solutions of excellence and innovative services, with particular attention to issues of energy efficiency and the look of the finished product. It guarantees customers a complete, personalised service, from the study of the finished product design through to the turnkey manufacture, including the maintenance and modernisation of production lines.

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