Post-Pandemic Stall Economy, What Ceramic Tile Booths Look Like?

15 Jun 2020/CTW


Recently, everyone is talking about roadside booths and food stalls in China. Even in CTW’s Wechat friends circle, we see this:


Translations of the scripts: I am in Henan Province. If you have demands for ceramic tiles, come to my tile stall. I will be there for you at anytime!

And this:

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Translations of the scripts: I am carrying out our nation’s call for reviving the street market with resolution. I will peddle the tiles to every “Huangmenji” and “Shaxianxiaochi” (two most popular  restaurant chains in China).

Come on, buddy, let’s go and set up a roadside booth and sell out all of the tiles in stock!

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Actually, not every one is qualified. According to the local report of Foshan City, after the announcement of 80 booths opened to the public in Foshan’s Chancheng district (Where CTW is located), there are more than ten thousand people applying online. The competition is really intense. 

But still, it is a good thing to stimulate the recovery of economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Do you know how come roadside booths suddenly become the top hashtagged topic in recent China? Let’s begin from China’s two sessions of 2020.

Ms. Yang Baoling, one of the representatives of People’s Congress suggested to release the vitality of the street market economy under the condition of strengthening city management.

And then, China’s Premier Li Keqiang gave a thump up for the street stalls during the inspection tour to Yantai, an eastern city of China.

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Source of the photo: China Daily

Our premier said “The government will provide support for the street-stall and small-store economy and inject new vitality into the Chinese economy.”

Also, China’s Central Civilization Office recently announced that roadside booths, street markets, and mobile vendors are no longer negative indicators in the evaluation of whether a city is civilized or not, for they can help revive the city’s economy as building a civilized city too.

As a result, cities around China started to allow people to set up roadside booths or food stalls on streets on a regular basis under the regulation of the city's Municipal Commission of Urban Management.

The reopening of the roadside booths and stalls is for the purpose of recovering the economy that was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and providing the people more ways to survive. Besides from the roadside booths, there are many other ways for the ceramic companies to promote their products, for example, the exhibitions (as the following expo), the online livestreaming sales platform and so on. They are all booths for selling ceramic tiles. Come on, less words and more actions! 

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