Large Format Tile Heat in China

19 May 2020/CTW

In our previous report in March, CTW calculated the number of large format tile production lines in China, which came to 21 with another 13 in progress. Now, the number has multiplied. As of May 14th, the number of built-up large slab production lines in China has reached 33.

RMB 2.6 Billion Invested

in Building Slab Production Lines

On May 12th, Luosifu Ceramics in Gaoan City, Jiangxi Province announced RMB 800 million investment in building 3 intelligent slab production lines.


On May 8th, Monalisa Ceramics announced RMB 600 million to renew the three 1800 x 3600 mm large slab production lines.


On May 8th, after the acquisition of Xinjingxiang Ceramics, Huashuo Holdings of Jiangxi Province announced RMB 200 million investment in building 4 slab production lines.


In addition, Kito Ceramics, Geshiqi Ceramics, Gelaili Ceramics, Inol Ceramics, New Pearl Ceramics and other 11 ceramic companies all have invested more than tens of millions to build new large slab production lines. As of May 14th, the investment in building large slab production lines has reached around 2.6 billion yuan.


Large Slab Production Lines

Currently: 33

Next Year: 75

In May, there are 3 large slab production lines put into operation in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, respectively from Goodboss Ceramics, Marshal Ceramics and Quansheng Ceramics. In mere 5 days, 10 new large slab production lines popped up.


Besides the already existing 33 large format tile production lines, another 42 are under construction or planned to be built, among which 19 lines are in Guangdong, 16 in Jiangxi, 4 in Shandong, and 3 in Hebei. At this rate of building, in 2021, large slab production lines in China can probably exceed 75.


According to incomplete statistics by CTW, there are about 90 large slab production lines which produce 1200 x 2400 mm or larger tiles worldwide. Plus the production lines under construction in India, Vietnam, and Brazil, the number may exceed 130. In that case, the production capability of large format slabs in China might account for half of the whole across the world.


The Future of Large Slab Lies in Application

In the summit forum on strategic cooperation between Gaoan City and Foshan City which was held recently in Gaoan, large slabs, functional tiles, and thick tiles were concluded as the three most promising ceramic product catalogs in China while the industry was facing a decreasing market.


Mr. Bao Jiejun, The president of Oceano Ceramics, said that large format tiles represented an emerging market which could expand to two billion square meters. He suggested ceramic companies who produced large slabs should make their products processable. According to Mr. Bian Cheng, President of Keda Clean Energy, who excels in the application of large slabs will be the winner in the market.

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