Judges of CCPL Visiting Enterprises for Investigation

13 Apr 2020/CTW

The 16th China Ceramics Pioneers List (CCPL) has closed its registration entry on March 28. The panel of judges launched the procedure of assessing the participating enterprises and products and started their visit trips to the enterprises for field investigation since April 2.

As of today, the judges have visited 55 enterprises in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, including Dongpeng Group, Newpearl Group, Hongyu Group, Eagle Ceramics, Deertile, Overland Ceramics, Jiajun Ceramics, Bode Ceremics, Shunhui Ceramics,Dowstone Technology, and etc. 

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Eagle Ceramics

Its series product Whale Max applied for the Most-Liked Product by Designers and the Golden Award for Marble Ceramic Tile. The Whale Max Series has mainly 3 sizes, including 900 × 1800mm, 750 × 1500mm, and 1200 × 2400mm, which comply with the trend of the market. With marble texture as its main surface, the product’s strong visual impact and excellent texture performance won it applause from the judges. Besides from the Whale Max Series, Eagle Ceramics also has applied for other awards like Leading Brand, Golden Awards for Quality and Most-Liked Product by Engineering Users.


Guanzhu Ceramics

The ceramic tile promoted by Guanzhu can warm your bare feet in cold weather. It is a ceramic heating tile applying a graphene heat film between the layers, vying for the Product of the Year. According to the tour guide of Guanzhu Ceramics, this kind of tiles has the advantages of long service life, low consumption of electricity in heat conversion, and rapid heating. Moreover, it is made from energy-saving and eco-friendly materials which is good for health. Guanzhu Ceramics has also participated in the competition for Leading Ceramic Brands.

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Gelaisi Ceramics

In the exhibition hall of Gelaisi Ceramics, the judges were guided to their most distinctive ceramic tile series-- Gambiered Canton Gauze Series, Xiangyunsha in Chinese, which reproduced the texture of this traditional Chinese silk fabric. This series has applied for the Original Design Product Award. The Gambiered Canton Gauze has a history of over 600 years and is deemed as a "national treasure". Gelaisi Ceramics integrates the unique texture and decorative pattern of the gauze into their product. All the judges liked the design of the series and gave their highest praise. In order to best demonstrate the essence of the gauze, Gelaisi adopts special ink and glaze technology to imitate 3 main patterns of the Xiangyunsha.

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Bode Ceramics

BODE Ceramics has two brands participating in the CCPL 2020, Beri Crystal Marble and Haobo Ceramic Tile. Beri Crystal Marble has applied for 3 awards including the Technology Innovation Award, Brand of the Year, and the Most-Liked Product by Designers. Haobo ceramic tile applied for the Golden Award for Quality. As one of the leading brands in China’s ceramic industry, BODE Ceramics is also vying for the Golden Earth Award and the Leading Brand Award in the ceramic industry. For Golden Earth Award has not been won for years, it is the most expected award in CCPL.

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Kalona Ceramics

Kalona promoted its antimicrobial and skidproof ceramic tile to the judges, which was also easier to clean compared with other ordinary ceramic tiles. During the investigation, the manager of Kalona demonstrated the characteristics of the product by setting up a simple device for comparison. The manager pulled down Chinese soy sauce onto the tiles to see which one was easier to clean. The judges were also invited to stand on the tilted tiles which had water flowing down to experience the skidproof function of the product. This product will go for the Golden Award for Functional Tile in the contest.

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Shunhui Ceramics

The Color Ribbon Golden Full Body Porcelain Tile by SH Ceramics will vie for the Most-Liked Product by Home Users. Visually, the product has fully polished surface with the pattern of water ripples and the color of cool blue and gray. It is a full body porcelain tile which is unglazed and super wear-resistant. The uniqueness of the product lies in the design of cutting a large slab into six parts which can be extended infinitely. SH applied for the Most-Liked Product by Home Users for the Color Ribbon Golden. As a company with 22 years of history, SH Ceramics has developed to a mature ceramic enterprise with enormous production capability and fully-equipped machinery and plants. It also vied for the Leading Brand Award in the Ceramic Industry.

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ICC Ceramics

ICC applied for the Original Design Product Award in the competition. The General Manager of ICC, Humberto Valles valued CCPL much and demonstrated the participated products to the judges in person.

According to Mr Humberto Valles,  in the current ceramic tile market, digital printing allows many companies to create a variety of products. ICC aims for more innovation. Under this concept, ICC mixes the tiles of different textures and colors. And in 2014, it promoted the wood-look series, Loft, which creatively combined wood grain and cement, two different elements from nature and urban architecture. Later, ICC updated the series into Loft Pro with richer textures, colors and a more artistic style.


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In the next few weeks, the investigation group will continue the field trip and make sure the fairness and objectiveness in the assessment of the award.

CCPL, Oscar of Chinese Ceramic Industry

Hosted by CTW, CCPL is regarded as the Oscar of Chinese ceramic industry, which aims to encourage the enterprises of the industry to enhance their competitiveness with innovation. 
Since 2004, CCPL has a history of 16 years and is recognized as the official list that reflects the state of development of the ceramic industry. This year, CCPL has set up 36 awards including the Leading Brands in China’s Ceramic Industry, Leading Brands in China’s Sanitaryware Sector, Benchmarking Enterprises in Smart Sanitaryware, Best Quality Products, Technology Innovation, Role Model Green Enterprises, Person of the Year, the Award for Gold Earth and etc. 118 enterprises have registered to vie for the awards.


The Panel of Judges for CCPL 2020 is Comprised of the Following Experts:

  • Huang Xinhong, Chairman of the panel and Chief Expert of China Building Materials Circulation Association
  • Xu Ping, a senior technical expert in the ceramic industry who leads the R&D group on Perlato Svevo
  • Huang Huining, a senior technical expert in the ceramic industry
  • Wei Hua, Professor and Associate Dean in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
  • Ou Zhuokun, Vice Director in National Test Center of Ceramics and Sanitaryware
  • Dai Keli, Chief Editor of CTW
  • Li Kefei, Vice President of CTW

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This is the 379th  issue. 

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