Signed 56 Projects Tongchuan Makes Effort to Build a Ceramic Industry Cluster

16 Jan 2019/CTW

On May 15, during the proceeding of the Third Silk Road International Exposition, “Belt and Road” Tongchuan Ceramic Industry Promotion Conference was held in Xi’an. The Management Committee of Tongchuan Yaozhou Kiln Culture Base signed 56 projects with investors on the scene. The total investment amounted to 40.83 billion yuan. Among which, there were 10 investment projects valued at 5.61 billion yuan. Besides, there were 46 protocol projects worth 35.22 billion yuan.  

13 56个项目集中签约铜川打造1000亿陶瓷产区集群地_副本.jpg

On the Conference, Li Zhiyuan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tongchuan Municipal Committee and Mayor, said that Tongchuan enjoys resource and traffic advantages. Whether for the development of new-type building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, or industrial ceramics, and top-notch ceramics, Tongchuan is the best place for ceramic enterprises to expand westwards and northwards. 

It is learned that, at the end of 2017, the People’s Government of Tongchuan Municipality renamed the Management Committee of Huangbao Industrial Park into the Management Committee of Yaozhou Kiln Culture Base, planning to shape the ceramic industry into a pillar industry for Tongchuan to realize transformation and development. Currently, the city has built a ceramic industry system consisting of crafts ceramics, domestic ceramics, building ceramics, new-type ceramic materials, red porcelain of Yaozhou kiln, and tricolor-glazed pottery. The city is home to 42 ceramic enterprises and research institutes, which employ a total workforce of 2,470 people.

13 56个项目集中签约铜川打造1000亿陶瓷产区集群地(2)_副本.jpg

According to Bai Hui, Engineer-in-Chief of the Management Committee of Yaozhou Kiln Culture Base, in line with the industrial layout of ceramic industry in Tongchuan, the city is working to shape a “1+4” corridor-style industrial development pattern. Among which, the “1” refers to the headquarter base of “Belt and Road” ceramic enterprises, and “4” refers to four industrial clusters along Huangbao-Chenlu Expressway, namely, advanced ceramics, new-type building ceramics, recyclable new materials, and equipment and facilities.  

Shu Daofu, General Manager of Xi'an Bohai Investment Co., Ltd. and a signatory representative of the project, said that the company will join hands with Tongchuan to shape four ceramic industry clusters. Meanwhile, they will work to realize the objective by “unifying” four aspects of work. First, they will ensure orderly development of ceramic materials in a “unified” manner, with no middlemen interest existing. Second, gas and other clean energy will be provided by specialized energy companies in a “unified” manner. Third, large-size disposal center of waste water, waste gas, and solid waste will be built in a “unified” manner, and all settled enterprises will dispose their waste collectively, so as to realize cyclic utilization and up-to-standard discharge. Fourth, external coordination will be made in a “unified” manner, relieving enterprises from such matters and making them focus on production.  

According to the ceramic industry planning of Tongchuan, in the future, the city will pursue all-round development in brand, history, culture, tourism, and featured towns. It will accelerate the deep integration between industry and culture, build intelligent ceramic headquarter base, and realize intensive operation. It will work to build a cluster of enterprise headquarter combining global marketing, management service, R&D and design, export and trade, and information convergence, so as to fashion a close-loop circular industrial chain. By 2023, it is estimated that the city will realize annual output value of ceramic industry 100 billion yuan.

13 56个项目集中签约铜川打造1000亿陶瓷产区集群地(3)_副本.jpg



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