China’s Imported Tile Increased More than 40% in 2017

06 Dec 2018/CTW

Compared with 2016, both import volume and value of imported tiles increased in 2017. According to the Customs data, the total import volume of ceramic tiles reached 6.0611 million dollars, with year-on-year growth of 23.76%; while the total import value soared to 126 million dollars with year-on-year growth of 42.21%, achieving the highest level in nearly a decade. 

The Customs data showed that the monthly export value of ceramic tiles in 2017 were generally higher than that of 2015 and 2016. In December 2017, the import value of ceramic tiles hit the highest level of the last three years, reaching 13.9314 million dollars. See Chart 1. 


Imports of Different Countries

The Customs data showed that the top ten countries exporting tile to China were Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Germany, Turkey, China, Portugal, Japan, Indonesia and Britain in 2017. The import value of Italy and Spain amounted more than 90% of the total. 

Italy contined to matain its position as the biggest importer of ceramic tiles in China. The import value of ceramic tiles of Italy reached 83.1671 million dollar(+46.92%), accounting for 65.92% of China’s total import value of ceramic tiles. See Table 1.

Spain, the second biggest importer of ceramic tiles in China, saw a 43.94% growth of import value of ceramic tiles, reaching 34.4531 million dollars, which accounted for 27.31% of China’s total import value of ceramic tiles.


According to the import growth rate, among the top 10 countries importing tiles to China, the import value of Turkey, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Portugal and Indonesia increased significantly, with growth rates respectively were 357.68%, 46.92%, 43.94%, 36.27%, 30.84% and 28.25%. Among which Turkey moved up to the fifth place from outside the top ten last year in the China’s ceramic tile import ranking.

Impor of Different Regions

Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai were the first three stops of the imported tiles arrived in China in 2017, which acoounted nearly 90% of China’s total import value of ceramic tiles. The imports to Guangdong amounted to 53.6264 million dollars (grew by 68.18% as compared with the same period of last year), accounting for 42.50% of the total import value of China’s imported tiles (similarly hereinafter); the imports to Beijing amounted to 36.8055 million dollars (up 33.33%), accounting for 29.17%; the imports to Shanghai amounted to 22.5071 million dollars (up 14.98%), accounting for 17.84%. See Table 2. 


On the contrary, Fujian,Tianjin, Sichuan and Guangdong achieved positive growths,with growth rates respectively were 431.85%, 120.69%, 83.62%, 68.18%. Among which Fujian moved up from outside the top ten to the sixth place, Tianjin moved up from the seventh place to the fifth place..



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