Wood Tiles Hot in Fujian in First Half Year of 2014

10 Aug 2015/CTW


Since May, many manufacturers have been through sales decline in Fujian area. The off-season begins. However, it is found that the demand for wood tiles exceeds the supply, when the production and sales of antique tiles increase. Sales of strip wood tiles are quite sharp in the first half year of 2014.

Water gas has been currently used in Zhangzhou, because of which products made in Zhangzhou attract some consumers from Quanzhou for lower costs. It is reported that 10 production lines will be built in Zhangzhou in the second half year.

Industry insiders believe that, new antique tiles like inkjet exterior wall tiles, slim tiles, wood tiles, soft tiles and candy glazed tiles, can stabilize the sales in a way, which means these products will become an important trend in Fujian.

To ease the pressure on production capacity, many companies are expanding new antique tiles production line. Wang Jinqiao, general manager of Jinjiang Pengcheng Ceramics Company, says that wood tiles are short of supply this year due to insufficient production capacity, new lines are being expanded in Guangxi Province. Sales of wood tiles has been very good and promising, though the company enters the field of wood tiles for a very short time.

Editor Deng Shiya, Li Xiaojuan

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