Zibo Production Increases by 119% in April

10 Aug 2015/CTW


On June 25, reporters learned the data of Zibo building ceramics production in April and May from Zibo Building Materials and Metallurgy Industry Association. According to statistics, in 2014, the total ceramic production in Zibo has reached 236,797,633㎡ by April, while ceramic production of April in Zibo is 72,630,813㎡. Compared to 33,160,451㎡ last year, ceramic production in April has increased by 39,470,362㎡ (+119%). Compared to 74,513,718㎡ last year, ceramic production in May has increased by 294,375㎡, up 0.4% to 74,808,093㎡, indicating a sharp shrink in growth rate. The total ceramic production in Zibo by May reaches 311,605,726㎡ with year-on-year growth of 1.15%.


The data also shows that Zibo building ceramics production is relatively stable: 73,196,368㎡ in March; 72,630,813㎡ in April; 74,808,093㎡ in May; around 70,000,000㎡ in total. Sales decline is quite large this year, however, the production has increased. So, there will be a backlog of building ceramics in Zibo region and the inventory pressure on ceramic manufacturers will become higher.

Editor Deng Shiya

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