Zibo Ceramics Enterprises Start the Process of Branding

20 Aug 2015/CTW


Attaching great importance to export market, producers in Shandong Zibo have increased investment on product innovation and design in recent years. Products from Zibo are gradually recognized by oversea buyers. Organized by CTW, more and more oversea buyers have been to Shandong Zibo to look for products in the last 2 years.


This year, the Cerambath has added a new brands exhibition hall of China (Zibo) Ceramics Headquarters. More than 60 Zibo producers took part in the exhibition in a delegation to promote their products. And they are paying more attention on branding, which has been the biggest highlight of the fair. Mr.CTW will bring you to producers from Shandong Zibo, focusing on their latest development.


Mr Hou Yong, president of Zibo Building Materials and Metallurgical Association,informed that organizing a delagation to participate in Cerambath has contributed a lot to strengthening the brand image of Zibo product base.As the second largest product base of tiles and sanitary in China, Zibo has moved its step from production to branding.

Famous enterprises in Zibo such as Golden Lion King,Yadi, Tongyi, Shenzhou Fengcai, Weineng Ceramics, Huadi, Ante Rome, Gelunkai, Lion King, Huating, CZBOSS, Double Festival Ceramics, Tao Xing Tian Xia have participated in the exhibition. Ink-jet rustic tile, full polished glaze tile, super flat polished glaze tile, ceramic chip and marble tile are the main exhibited products. Exhibitors had great achievement in receiving orders.

1. Golden Lion King Ceramics


Shandong Golden Lion King Ceramics issued the new collection of 900× 900MM cement tiles and combined design tiles, which had attracted great attention from oversea buyers this year.


Interpreting the charm of Chinese traditional culture very well, blue and white porcelain of Shandong Golden Lion King is particularly favored by oversea buyers.

2.Green Key Ceramics



Green Key Ceramics pays attention to the collection development for products. It provides more choices for customers on product matching.

3. Weineng Ceramics


Attending the exhibition for the first time, Weineng ceramics has mainly promoted its full polished glaze tile and super flat polished glaze tile with the size of 600×600MM and 800×800MM. Due to the high flatness and its unique body material, Weineng ceramics has attracted hundreds of clients.

4.Double Festival Ceramics



The featured product of Shandong Double Festival Ceramics is ceramic chip. The product is mainly exported to the market of Russia, Pakistan and Egypt. Paying great attention to product design, Double Festival Ceramics not only has an independent product design team, but also employs interior designers for developing ceramics application.

5.Shandong Yadi Ceramics



According to sales manager Mr. Luo, this year the new product of Yadi is polished crystal tile. The technique of polished crystal tile is relatively complicate and its decorative effect is quite luxury. Therefore the product mainly aims at high-end consumers. So far, buyers from Middle East and India have shown intention.

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